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2006-11-08-2:06 a.m.

Election Day never really had much meaning to me in the past. I guess, like many other young people, I never really cared about politics. It was too hard to muddle through the smear campaigns and scandals that seem to be so pervasive during election time and get to the real essence of a candidate's views.

When the Bush/Gore fiasco went down, I began to realize that maybe my vote would have counted for something. I kept feeling like I didn't have a voice or a say-so in what happened to my country. I was pissed! And then I realized that the only person who was silencing me, was me.

So I voted. And. . . finally, my voice was heard.

It seems now that after so many years of "staying the course" that drove us straight into a war that seems as if it will never end, people are finally ready for a change. There is finally a bit of balance in Congress. Perhaps now we can begin to create a new course that actually leads somewhere.

When I found out that the Dems won control of the House, I breathed a sigh of relief. After holding it for so long, it felt great to let it go. Now let's just hope they don't screw up the chance to fix the mess we made.

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